Whor are we?

Our range of wall lights is the result of local know-how, from initial sketch to full realisation, we work with committed, passionate and local craftsmen. Together, we combine our skills in order to meet the desires and needs of our customers, by offering a sensitive and functional design. Mounelight applique murale lumineuse designer


After studying graphic arts, Moune worked as a graphic designer and very quickly started devoting herself entirely to her primary vocation: creation. She began by making contemporary lighting from recycled materials or by giving a new lease of life to utilitarian objects at the end of their functional existence.

Today, Moune is taking a new step by creating the company MouneLight and launching the production of metal wall lights on a larger scale. She chooses to marry art and well-being through the prism of light. In her workshop, she creates a magical and unique world. She is in perpetual search of the “inaccessible star”, that illuminates in all senses of the word, the lives of those who are lucky enough to contemplate it.