Art and wellbeing through light are what best defines our creations.
It is about lighting of course, but also about achieving an atmosphere resembling that of a painting
Our wall lights dress the space, they interrogate the person looking at them.
They are design pieces with pure lines as much as utilitarian objects.
Mounelight… Much more than light.

a sense of completeness that derives from being lulled (or captivated?) by lighting, or even by its interplay with sound, Mounelight is a sensory experience.

Mood creator

Our wall lights are characterized by a careful design, pure lines and the highest level of quality. Each wall light is unique. Each piece is unique.


From conception to the materials and the collaboration with quality craftsmen, it is all Made in Belgium.

Made in Belgium

Mastery of light, of its intensity, its colours and its form, this is the Art of Mounelight. This is an Art, a moving Art.



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